Tune in - And ways to Listen to our shows from ((((((((((Everywere not just at Home ))))))))

How to connect to Apricot FM

Your Home Broadband Network

Tune in when your out and about - shopping or in a cafe / Bar / restaurant with the venues Broadband might have to get a password from them - use you Bluetooth Earphones or Headphones.

"3G internet" refers to the third generation of mobile phone standards as set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). 3G technologies allow mobile operators to offer more service options to their users, including mobile broadband.


4G stands for fourth generation mobile phone technology: a superfast, high capacity network which makes doing things on your phone seem instant. ... That plus sign means even faster speeds, as 4G+ enabled phones can receive data from multiple bands in the 4G spectrum.

mobile service providers in the uk

Bluetooth Speakers And Headphones

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