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Contact us at : studio@apricotfm.co.uk

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Phone : 07551 376 614

Station Phone Number for Shouts & Request also txt or voice mail and Live on the Radio is 07551 376 614 anytime 24/7 ---------- Here is our schedule for------------TODAY -----EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR NEWS AND WEATHER------- -------------07:15-09:15 THE BREAKFAST SHOW THE BEST IN MUSIC VIBE --------------09:00-1:00----------------------- 1:15 NEW SHOW REQUEST LINE 2:00 --------------2:15TOTAL RECALL -------12:15-16:00 MUSIC VIBE SHOW --------16:15 THE WAIK HOME -18:15 NEW SHOW REQUEST LINE 19:00 -------- -19:15-01:00 ------ BED TIME STORIES ----------------01:15-07:00 THE OVER NIGHT SHOW RADIO QUIET-------------MORE SHOW UPDATES ON THE WAY.


1065 Dance FM Some History about 1065 Dance FM a no profit organisation - The radio station started broadcasting on the internet back in 1997 it's mission was to promote DJ'S also brand new music and Artist's live 24/7 and from 1997 - 2002 it was on air 24/7 with satellite broadband.The station had hits from all over the world - And still in it's 2018 rocking the airwaves. - TUNE IN - HEY DON'T FORGET TO HEART US X

The Apricot FM Studio

Find out about us, and how to get involved, and the opportunity of helping us provide Hungerford with the radio station.

We will be programming the shows with Talk interviews on a full range of subjects, from news, sport, whats on, music.

And are looking for local presenters, DJ'S, Bands, to help take the station foward from initially internet only to a full FM

Ofcom community radio licence and internet. With a small FM transmitter with a radius of 5km about 3 miles of the town.

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